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How Marty became "The Concrete Guy"

It's funny how it all happened, how I became "Marty the Concrete Guy". 

I was just a normal kid wanting school to be over with, so that I could get a "real job". I had always worked during summer vacation, and after school. Back then if you had a full time job you could make a "LIVING".

So as fate would have it, the first "real job" that I landed, fresh out of high school, was working at a local readi mix plant as a "yard boy". Now if you don't know what a readi mix plant is, I'll tell you. It's where the concrete is made, and the delivery trucks are kept. As a "yard boy" I was able to gain knowledge and experience in every aspect of concrete.


Once again as fate would have it, some of the cement drivers also did side jobs. The first week I worked there, one of the drivers asked me if I wanted to wheel barrow some concrete for him on a Saturday, and not knowing what I was getting myself in to, I agreed. And so the story begins.

I was just a kid, it was hard work, but I knew I could handle it. So for the next year I worked almost every Saturday, helping different drivers pour concrete on the side. During the week I was working at the plant and after about a year, I got my class 1 licence and moved up from a yard boy to a readi mix driver. I delivered concrete to all kinds of people. Some were very professional, while others were not. Every job that I delivered to gave me the ability to watch the different techniques of placing, working, and finishing the concrete.


So for the next 15 years I delivered concrete every day, while continuing to work the side jobs. I just loved working with concrete and decided that I wanted to do it all the time. So I took a chance and quit driving the cement trucks to open my own business. I've been busy ever since! 

I used to make these homemade signs that said, "Concrete Work" that had my phone number on it. People would call and when they'd leave a message, I'd call them back and say, "Hi this is Marty, the concrete guy". 

So that is how it all happened. It's been about 32 years since that first Saturday side job and I've been at it ever since. 
I love what I do, and when it comes to concrete, I do it all. 
From Residential to Commercial. If you can dream it, I can pour it! 


                                                                                Marty "The Concrete Guy"




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