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Marty's Portfolio

Creative Concrete Design

Creative Concrete can give you the look and feel of granite, stone, brick or slate, all created with durable long lasting concrete. Unlike traditional materials, with decorative concrete, you need not worry about matching the color of a split brick or cracked fieldstone. Creative Concrete projects always look their best, year after year.



Not long ago deciding on material for your driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the "concrete" choice has expanded to include an array of beautiful decorative options. Sometimes referred to as a cement driveway or as painted concrete, decorative concrete is one of the most reasonable ways to freshen up the entrance to your home.

Decorative Cement Borders

Freshen up your curb apeal with concrete landscape edging, concrete curbing, and concrete borders. There are many designs to choose from. Your imagination is the limit. 


Sidewalks to walkways, I do it all. Walkways are a fun and attractive addition to your property. Depending on the look you are going for, we can accomadate just about any design. From a stone look to an old world style and everything in between. 

Cement Stairs 

It take experience in mixing and pouring concrete. It also takes a fair amount of mathematical calculation (simple geometry mostly). It also requires a good deal of hard physical labor. However, when built correctly, you'll have a staircase that is a true work of art and that will last pretty much forever under normal usage.

Slabs and Patios 

Whether it is a slab for a new construction home, or a slab for a storage shed, I can pour it. From residential to Commercial. When deciding on a patio, you can choose from a lot of different designs.

"If you can dream it, I can pour it"     -Marty The Concrete Guy

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